Two-Level Bike Stand


Made from hot-dip galvanised black steel
Roller system – 7 teflon rollers on slides – leading and stabilising rollers
Gas-oil springs used for lifting the bikes /shock absorbers; 600 KN each
Bearing based assistance. Assistance makes lifting of the bikes easy and doesn’t require a lot of strength
Construction profile 60x60x2mm, other steel elements made from 4mm metal sheet
Height of the room where the bikes are to be installed – minimum 260 cm
Warranty for hot-dip galvanising, construction – 5 years, assistance mechanisms – 3 years
Installation – anchors, included
Possibility of ordering the stands with any number of bike posts (modules can be extended)

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

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Number of bikes top + number of bikes bottom Lenght
2+2 93cm
3+3 136cm
4+4 179cm
5+5 222cm
6+6 265cm
7+7 308cm
8+8 351cm
9+9 394cm
10+10 437cm
11+11 480cm
12+12 523cm
13+13 566cm
14+14 609cm
15+15 652cm

Graphic assembly manual

Mounting method

for screwing


Galvanised steel

Number of bikes (top + bottom)

2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6




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